Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Five Thanksgivings and a fingernail

Well folks, we survived the  
Thanksgiving Tour '09.
It was a crazy week. This year we ate a grand total of five thanksgiving dinners. I set myself back a little on losing the baby weight but I'm alright with that. What's the use of losing weight if you can't enjoy life along the way. Right? Right.

So, the first stop was The Parkers the weekend before Thanksgiving. We hung out and cooked a big meal. We watched Dennis the Menace. Funny movie. My kind of movie these days. I can't handle any movies with upsetting parts. I'm either getting old or spending too much time with people under the age of 3.

Then Thursday we celebrated with the Millers. We ate a big meal and played with the kids. Brian on the other hand spent most of the day sleeping off his potent cocktail of Benadryl, turkey, and a big piece of Kahlua cake. He wasn't upset though because this allowed him to play video games into the wee hours of the night.

The third dinner was at Grandma Kaye's (Brian's grandma). The food was delicious (let's just say Pioneer Pies from OKCity) and it was really good to see family we dont get to see that often.

The fourth dinner was Friday night at Kristin's. Once again the food was delicious. We played Cranium for a while but my team pulled so far ahead that we just quit out of boredom.

Then the grand finale was Saturday back home at Mema's house. Man. There are alot of kids in this family. Flag football, then food, then the chaos began.

Here's a little glimpse of what was happening all around us.

Toddlers four-wheelin' were just the beginning. Taya was doing flips, twins were escaping and building stuff in the garage. Shannon eventually found Silas face down in the carpet asleep with a Hot Wheel car in his hand. He was pooped (and still is) after all the traveling.
But all in all it was a good excitement filled little Thanksgiving break!

So what's this talk about a fingernail? Well let me tell you. When we were at Kristin's house I was in the guest room feeding Madison when I heard roaring screams and laughter coming from the living room. It was so loud it scared Madison. So when I came out and asked what the commotion was all about, Nathan was standing there eating a piece of apple pie with a sour look on his face.

Brian explained what happened: He smashed his finger a while back (shocking huh?) and the nail was finally ready to come off. But after he peeled it off and sat there admiring his work, Silas decided to make a break for the front door to go hang out with the big blow up Santa outside. Brian had to quickly dispose of the nail so he set it down on a dirty paper plate Christina had just used to eat apple pie. Enter Nathan. Being the frugal man he is, he decided to just add his pie to Christina's plate. While he was savoring the sweet buttery goodness, he noticed he got a really hard chunk of crust. He tried and tried to bite through it but he finally pulled it out of his mouth. Yep. It was Brian's beautiful, slightly bloody fingernail. Poor Nathan.

And that my friends sums up our Thanksgiving festivities!

I forgot to take pictures during the tour. But here are some cute ones from a photo shoot the girls did at Kristin's house.



  1. So gross, but oh so funny too. =)

  2. madison is making the cutest face in the picture with me... therefore she loves me most. there is my proof! haha jk... but no really.