Friday, June 21, 2013

Creative Parenting Attempt

My kids had been struggling with selfishness more than usual this morning. You know the old "no you can't have any of my goldfish!" or "Madison's playing with my car and it's MINE!"

So I told them I'd join them for a while and then we could decide if we want selfishness or unselfishness in this family.

I made myself a delicious lunch and took it to my bedroom to watch a little HGTV. They were perplexed, asking why I was watching TV instead of eating at the table and could they pleeeeeeeeease have some of my food??

Ummm, no I think I want to eat it all by myself.

They cried.

I reminded them that I'm trying out being selfish. They left and cried some more.

I ate my lunch in delightful solitude. Just me and "Rehab Addict." I was only interrupted once when Madison came in crying saying she had honey in her hair and on her legs. Inwardly I cringed but I politely asked her not to touch me or get it on any of my stuff. She left and cried some more.

I got done and braced myself for what I'd find since I hadn't heard anything from them in 20 minutes and there was honey involved.

But I was pleasantly surprised.

Silas made Madison's lunch and they were eating together. And there was only a little honey spilled on the counter. Madison looked up and tearfully told me she likes when I'm unselfish and "wets be unsewfish togedoh."

They may have diarrhea later from eating 300 grapes but I think they might have learned something.