Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Future As He Sees It

Last weekend Silas and I snuggled in a camping chair outside my mom's house. I love how at home he is receiving affection. Totally relaxed, unhurried, not a care in the world. I told him about how one day he's going to be a man and talk like Daddy and have a wife and kids. And I asked him if he would still let me hold him and kiss his cheeks, although they would be all pokey. He assured me he would.

Then his eyes rimmed red and filled with tears. I asked him what was wrong and he wept and proclaimed, I really want YOU to be my wife when I get big!

I comforted him by explaining that one day he would meet the girl he would marry and that right now she is little just like him and Mommy prays for her mommy and daddy to love her and teach her to follow Jesus and how to be kind and loving. He looked off into the distance and the subject dropped.

Until church Sunday morning. During the service I could feel him looking at me so I looked down and saw his eyes red and wet, chin quivering. He declared again, I've been thinking about it and I really really just want YOU to be my wife and nobody else! I cringed at his volume and anger level and decided to not to choose this battle. I patted his leg and told him I'll be your wife, buddy, I will.

I chuckled and watched him look forward and blink heavily. He needed a few moments to let the intense emotions subside.

He's going to be quite the catch someday. And I'll cherish it while he feels the same way about me.

Silas came in and saw this picture up so I told him I wrote the story about him wanting me to be his wife. I asked if he still wanted me to be his wife and he said Yep. And Daddy can have that girl you were telling me about at Guggy's (my mom's) house. They can live in a house close to us. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


She was so cute for cowgirl day, I can't even tell ya. 
I sure like being her mama.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

We had a blast!

Silas could've kept up with a group of teenagers. He was a pro. 
He was also quite heartbroken to wash his face when we got home.

Mash was too cute for words. Today when I laid her in bed for her nap she said "I gonna sweep, wake up, you paint cupcake my face, go say twick or tweet get maw M.M.'s. Ok?"

The whole posse.