Tuesday, December 15, 2009


There comes a time with every child when both of you somehow get covered in poop during a diaper change. It happened today. I have to say Mash's was pretty mild and actually kinda cute. But here's your warning: if you can't handle looking at baby poop, stop reading now.

I felt like Macgyver. My predicament was that her outfit was full of poop and I had to get it off of her to get her clean but also keep from getting poop all over the carpet. Before I got the towel I had these items to work with:
Mom's Christmas stocking
Tennis shoes
Train whistle
Small remnant of wrapping paper

As you can see I went with the wrapping paper. The stocking was a close second.
(can you find the wrapping paper wedgie?)

When things got too out of hand I bit the bullet and bathed the child.

 That's what I get for trying to change a poopie diaper on the floor while chatting with my brother on Facebook. Kinda like texting and driving.
It's dangerous.

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  1. So gross and yet so funny. I think this is the same reaction I had to Brian's fingernail in the pie story. You seem to be able to blend the two perfectly! =)