Sunday, December 13, 2009

Our almost anniversary celebration

It's that time of year. Our anniversary.  
I love celebrating our anniversary.
I think it's because I kinda like my husband.
Yesterday we had the WHOLE day to ourselves. My mom offered to watch the little squirts. Priceless.

First we went to Chipotle for lunch. Talk about starting things off right.

Then a movie with smuggled peanut butter M&M's and cokes. We splurged and bought the popcorn in house. We saw Invictus. It was pretty good although we wanted more Nelson Mandela and less rugby. Still good.

Then ToysRUs for a little bit of Christmas shopping. MISTAKE. Crowds and mean people = bad anniversary activity. So we bolted.

Saltgrass for dinner. And guess what. We had a $50 gift card! (courtesy of my loving and thoughtful sister) So we ordered our own meals! And Brian ordered a real steak instead of the "steak medalions" which I like to call "5 bites o steak." And we even got a dessert. When Brian got the dessert he asked if he should eat the cherry seducively. I said I think you mean seductively and the answer is YES! I knew I could burn off at least 100 calories of the 5,000 I just ate by the laughter that would induce. But then he said no. He's mean like that.

We had a great day. A lot of laughing and a little bit of serious reflection over the past year and how our marriage has changed and grown. Tuesday, on our actual anniversary, we will do our treasured yearly tradition. More on that to come.

And to finish this post I would like to take you on a trip down memory lane back our first apartment. Where we began our journey together. To give you an idea of how small this place was, I could vacuum the whole apartment without changing outlets. Those were simpler times.

The video is short and choppy compliments of my first digital camera which weighed about 5 pounds. And the song was one of our favorites during that time.

Things to watch for: Brian is watching Armageddon. There's a phone hanging on the wall. Remember land lines? There's no dishwasher in the kitchen. Eli Reutlinger's birth announcement is on the fridge. Excuse me while I go get a tissue.


  1. I remember that apartment well! :) HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to some of my favorite married people. :)

  2. I almost shed a tear-- that brought back some memories! I still wear my El Fuego shirt too. Oh man, I love you guys. Happy Anniversary!!
    ps-- Are you guys free New Year's Eve for a little reunion? We'd love to watch Brian eat a cherry "seducively".