Monday, January 3, 2011

Confession Time

Sometimes my house looks like this.

If someone came to rob our house they would say Look Hank, the place has been ransacked. Someone beat us to it. (It's part of our security measures.)

Now I know there are many women who are able to stay on the very top step of the cleanliness stairmaster. They never falter and have to fight their way back up.

I'm not one of them.

So here's to all of us stairmaster climbers who some days fall completely off the machine, other days climb to the top and live in (brief) bliss, but always get back on and keep trying.



  1. Hey look! You took pictures of my house!

    My confession is that one of the main reasons we host our small group Bible study in our home is because if we didn't, I'd never HAVE to clean... and I never would. :)

  2. I came home one day to an open front door and called the police. He went in and went through the house and came back and told me it looked like someone had ransacked my daughters bedrooms. (Sorry sir, but that is just how they look, but thanks for coming and checking on the house.)

  3. thanks - now I know I'm not alone! : )