Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas O'10

There was indoor four-wheeling

and quality family crafting time. 
See the shockingly cute baby on the left? That's cousin Macin.
Snuggling with her will raise your blood sugar.
Mash scored a big pillow in the cousin gift exchange. Cousins were jealous.

On Christmas morning they ate candy. 
When I handed Mash her first gift I thought I heard her say Mom, you had me at candy. 
She wouldn't let anyone near her for about 20 minutes as she guarded her stash.

Silas walked like a cowboy with his Sheriff Woody gear.

I like this picture of Silas and his Aunt Kristin. I call it "Locked Gazes."

The finale was in Houston where we held playground Olympics. 

And my children were loved on even more.

The biggest blessing for us this Christmas was seeing the kids form special bonds with their great-grandmothers. Talk about incredible women. What a blessing to be able to spend unhurried time listening to their stories and be on the receiving end of their love.   

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