Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tiene Tres Años

My son turns 3 today (or "free" if you ask him). 
And I want to celebrate. 

Oh there are the more obvious reasons to celebrate.

 He poses like this when I ask him to.

He says, "Mommy, dance wiff me."     

He loves to see the humor in life.  

He is intelligent, musical, polite (mostly). 
But then there are the harder to recognize reasons.

 He has been the pioneer to find the heart of a mother in me. I had severe postpartum depression after he was born and he stuck with me.

We are kindred spirits. Stubborn, strong willed, determined, emotional, deeply affected by the world around us. I understand his need for independence. I feel it too. This empathy has carried me through many a difficult day. 

God has used my mysterious and challenging son to pry my death grip off the illusion that I'm in control of everything. That I can figure everything out. That I never need help. 

To say he has changed my life in his 3 years is an understatement.
I think he's changed my DNA. 

I am thankful I get to be his mother. I'm excited to see him grow in the years to come.

I celebrate the richness this little boy brings to our lives.  


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  1. "He has changed my DNA" - Absolutely beautiful. You took my thoughts and put into words in a way that I couldn't have said any better. Happy Birthday to Silas! Sorry to have read that you had PPD. I had it with Michael too for about 3 months after his birth! But like you said, "he stuck with me." P.S. Michael has that exact same green striped shirt!