Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hair Cycle

I used to have really long hair. It was curly and flowing and Brian loved it. The few attempts I've made to grow it back out have met with a scrunched nose and a tilt of the head, followed by "It's just not the same." So I've said goodbye to that pipe dream and now I vacillate between a little past the shoulder and just under the chin.

Now to the interesting part.

Yesterday I was looking in the bathroom mirror at my hair while Brian was shaving. I started up the semi-annual discussion: Do you like my hair better long or short? The reigning world champion at not rocking the boat gave me his standard answer, I like both. So I used the ole tried and true, if a gun was put to your head and you had to pick, which would you like?

I watched as he looked up and to the right, deep in thought. 

Then he started shaving again and said, I think I just like it fixed.

Message received loud and clear. 

I'll try to resist the ponytail more often. Maybe. 

The glory days.

I tried to find a current picture but since I haven't been photographed since 1998
this is the closest representation I could find of my present state. 
(compliments of Google image search)


    I remember your glorious hair, it was the object of great envy for a long time. Also, I can empathize as my favorite hair style is affectionately known as "The Wad" and involves a sloppy bun and a couple of bobby pins.
    Let's work together - I'll brush my hair if you brush yours!

  2. ok... Mere just told me to look at your site apparently because you had just put up a photo of me... thanks

  3. haha! sorry I guess I should've asked your permission first :)

  4. I do like your long curly hair, but short hair also suits your face. I think "fixed" hair might be a bit of a reach for an everyday hairstyle. :)

  5. Wow, you did have beautiful hair! DO I also see gold highlights? How come you can't grow it back?