Friday, March 5, 2010

Sunny Days

The sunshine has lifted our spirits. 
Yesterday we made a spontaneous trip to the park 
after picking Silas up from school.


Madison didn't mind missing her nap at all.
She did mind how badly the wind messed up her hair.

I basked in the sun filled with peace and contentment
watching my children enjoy themselves.
Then Silas brought me back to reality. 
 He ran by me and stopped abruptly to tell me Mommy I gonna make a doo doo. Music to every mother's ears. Especially when there are no public restrooms. And you drive a small car. So Silas got his diaper changed on the sidewalk with everyone witnessing him in all his glory. I'm never quite sure about proper diaper etiquette in these situations.

But hey I'll take the sunshine, public pooping and all.
I've never been so thankful for spring to get here. 

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  1. Is it me or does Madison look an awful lot like Brian?