Thursday, August 9, 2012

People, It's Only A Paint Respirator!

I'm afraid I'm becoming that lady. You know, the one that lives in that house that all the kids in the neighborhood talk about. The house with something mysterious going on.

Over the past few months Brian's been replacing the windows in our house and adding trim around them. My job has been to go behind him and paint. These windows face all directions and never have blinds at the time I'm painting so I see all the neighbors and kids playing in the street, riding bikes down the sidewalk, etc.

I've gotten some weird stares but it wasn't until Silas snapped this picture of me with my phone that it finally dawned on me what everyone has been seeing through the other side of the window.

A lady with a huge belly wearing a scary mask. Painting...up and down, up and down.
I can just hear them, "Look! She's in a different window tonight."

I guess we'll know why if we don't get any trick or treaters this year.

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