Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rolly-Poly Invasion

Large numbers of friendly rolly polys (aka pill bugs) come visit our house every day. It's kind of random and gross but I really don't mind because people in other areas get invaded by crickets which are muhuhuch worse. Those things cause me more sleep deprivation than a newborn. I have sensory issues when it comes to sleeping. Remember the bird

 I captured these two mourning the loss of a fallen comrade.

The only real downside to the rolly poly plague is that little miss Mash thinks they are quite tasty. Nearly every time she walks by me I study her mouth to see if she's eating one. I've had to master the "squeeze the cheeks finger sweep" maneuver on our little hunter and gatherer.

When the stars align and I get out the broom to sweep, she thinks I'm making dinner. She follows me around clapping and chuckling. Then she gets real smart. She quietly watches me put the dust pan contents in the trash (standing with her hands together behind her back sweetly smiling at me). Then she waits for me to walk away. She tips the trash can and starts reaching for her treasure. One time I thought I heard her say Where have you been all my life as she dug.
That girl. Can't get her to eat a morsel of human food but give her a plate of rolly polys and she'll lick it clean. And I'll be honest, her enthusiasm has piqued my curiosity. Who knows, maybe they taste like Snickers.

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