Monday, August 2, 2010

Silas These Days

Wears a baseball cap because the sun is too bwight.
Loves his giraffe.
Plays with his hands (right hand is "Big Hand" and has a deep voice, left hand is "Little Hand" and has squeaky voice)
Is fascinated with manly vehicles (semi-trucks, anything with a trailer, trucks with campers, car haulers, dump trucks, cement trucks, tractors, you get the picture.)
Asks, "Can I watch you go away?" when people leave.
Has stinky feet.
Eats a "peanut honey" every day for lunch (almond butter/raw honey sandwich.)
Says I love you in sign language by giving a peace sign.
Scratches my back for 1.9 seconds when I ask him to.
Says "you make me funny" instead of "you make me laugh."
Watches Mr. Rogers. Alot. 
Say's goo goo ga ga and crawls whenever we give Mash attention. 
Is very in touch with his and others' emotions.
Refuses to use toothpaste with fluoride (iss too hot mommy!)
Calls my purse a person.
Loves music (almost always singing, playing piano, dancing, and/or drumming.)
Asks every night at 8:30 if it's morning time (wishful thinking.)
Always always wants to help. 
Likes to play karate chops, chase, and hide and seek.
Keeps me on my toes.  

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