Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Double Rainbow Week

I just had one.

It all started with Brian taking a week off from work. It was really nice to have him home. We think he might go ahead and retire.

Then two of my favorite people in the world  (Nikki and Emily) brought their kids and came to stay with us for the weekend. These gals are my dear friends. Brian is quite fond of their husbands as well. I'm sure those are the words he would use. We met in a life group almost 9 years ago and over the years they have become like family. When we're together we laugh off about 10,000 calories and I leave the presence of these women feeling understood and encouraged. Here's the fun we had:

 Painting with chocolate pudding. Silas got a tummy ache when he tried to finish off the entire bowl. The boy loves chocolate more than a 40 year old woman after a stressful day.

The kids enjoyed rafting with Mr. Brian.

The older ones swam for at least 16 hours over the weekend.

Look at this handsome group. Mollie decided to show her best side.

We ended Brian's staycation week with a bang by taking the kids to a waterpark. They liked it. We liked it. We got there when it opened and stayed until they closed. It was one of those times when you sit back watching your children laugh in excitement and think, I absolutely love having kids. I think I want 16 more. But then it would cost $600 to go to a waterpark so that wouldn't really work. Darn those waterparks. They ruin everything.

Mash splashed, stomped and explored.

And napped in the heat.

Silas found some slides and played there all day.
He only took a break to try the wave pool.

 This is what happened as we drove out of the parking lot.

Brian does it bother you when I photograph you driving?


 Is it still bothering you?

 Yes Angie.
Ok just checking. 

Today we had a "lay around" day at the house to recuperate. I asked Silas what he was thinking about as he quietly ate his lunch. Oh, juss thinkin about da wadapawk. Da owange swide and yewow swide and da bwue swide and da waves. I was doing the same thing.
Feeling blessed.

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  1. Oh Angie....this makes me want to jump back in the car and head back down there. We truly are blessed, Friend. Miss you. :)

    Now go hide your kids, your wife, and your husband.