Thursday, August 5, 2010

Monkeys are Scary

During the dead silence of last night a screaming Silas burst into our room. Unfortunately this is not unusual but I must have been in a deep sleep stage because I woke up startled not knowing where I was or who was screaming. When I came to I quickly became focused on comforting my child. His chest was heaving as he clung to his daddy. This wasn't the typical night waking. He was reeheeheeheeally scared. I could see that Brian was in "Brian-sleepy-zombie" mode because he was actually still asleep while he sat up holding Silas. I stepped in.

Did you have a bad dream sweetie? (rubbing his head)
What was your dream about?
A big monkey! (interesting I thought)
What did the monkey do?
The monkey tickled me then the monkeys got me. The monkeys were big and had lots of eyes and were HAIRY! They were big and they bumped their heads (he points to the ceiling). They were mean monkeys.  
They came in my room and got me mommeeeeee!
I turned on the lights and rubbed his back saying, look Silas, you're in our room, there are no monkeys, you're ok (bringing him back to reality).
After I got him calmed down I slapped Brian on the back of the head and said wake up chump! He did and carried Silas back to his bed to help him go back to sleep.

But suddenly I wanted to be there with them and not alone in our bed. Silas was a little too thorough in his description of the monkeys. If you stop to picture a big hairy monkey with lots of eyes all up in your face and you have a problem like me where you tend to slip into scary fantasy worlds and think they're reality you would get scared too. I have to get soap in my eyes when I wash my face because if I close them I know a scary man will be standing behind me when I look up. My plan is to grow out of this when I turn thirty because you can't be thirty and still be scared of these shenanigans.

In the meantime let's pray that we get no more nightly visits from this guy.

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