Sunday, May 16, 2010

Potty Time

In 7 days we will begin potty training. I became aware of how much this is overdue the other day when I explained to Silas why it's good to change a poopie diaper quickly because of the effect feces has on skin and we carried on a conversation where he demonstrated full comprehension. Yes, he's old enough Mommy. 

Truth be told, I'm intimidated. Unsure. Lacking in experience, knowledge.

I'll be doing a little reading and playing a lot of Elmo Potty Time in preparation but if you have any experience or knowledge to share regarding the challenge of potty training a very intelligent 3 year old boy who is in de pen dent, please do.


  1. I think independent/stubborn streaks can work to your advantage, as long as they get stubborn about potty training. Of course if they get stubborn about NOT potty training, then that's a problem. :) I highly recommend not doing pull-ups or anything like that (except during sleep times) for the first couple of weeks. Either undies or no pants at all work great because they know when they potty and there are clean-up consequences. It makes both of your more attentive than if all you have to do is change a pull-up after an accident. And I also recommend setting the timer for every 15 minutes all day long and setting him on the potty every time it dings. No questions, that's just what you do when it dings. And M&M's when they potty in the right place help too. Hopefully you guys find a method that works for both of you! Good luck!

  2. You are exactly where I am at Angie. I definitely think that I have delayed this b/c of ME and not Michael. We tried a couple of months ago but with Kobe to tend to it all just seemed overwhelming. Alyson - thank you for the tips. I like to commando and timer tips. I will go for it this weekend too!