Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Home Depot Moment

Last night we had a family outing to Home Depot. When we go to home improvement stores my job is to entertain the monkeys while big daddy gets the stuff he needs.

So I would get the basket going real fast then jump up and ride it - big hit. And then we ate some snacks. As a last resort I told Silas he could get down and explore as long as he stayed close and obeyed.

He found some "employee only" ladders and climbed up to drive his cars across the bumpy surfaces. When he stood up I said Look Silas, you're taller than me! As I stood close to his face to show him, he leaned over the rail and gave me a big kiss. I laughed, which for Silas ensures a behavior will be repeated for 2 hours. He would give me small kisses and big kisses and we would both throw our heads back with laughter.

Then things went in slow motion as I looked at his smiling face. I was struck by how fleeting this moment was. It's hard to believe but I know there will come a day when he won't want to kiss me in public with wild abandon.

So here is where I write a note to myself. Angie, 15 years from now
know that you treasured it. 

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