Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Naked Bandit

The other day I took a 2 minute break to write my mom an email. I left the children in the living room. Alone. Risky move, but they were in good spirits so I decided to take my chances.

I've learned that the thing to listen for in this situation is hysterical laughter from Silas and silence from the baby. Never a good combination.

But I could hear peaceful giggling from both kids so I didn't worry.

Then the giggles got closer.

And closer.

Full of laughter, they rounded the corner of the hallway to my doorway.

And to my shock this is what I saw.

Oh how their laughter swelled when they saw my reaction.

To put this into context, she wasn't naked when I left. And Silas still has trouble taking his own clothes off.

Nevertheless, they somehow managed getting her in her birthday suit, diaper and all, in two minutes.

She was so excited to get such a laugh from Mommy that I could hardly catch the little streaker.

And when I went to find the clean diaper I had put on her before the incident, Silas informed me, "Mommy, I put it in da trash."
Isn't he thoughtful?

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