Thursday, January 28, 2010

Little Launch

Silas went to mother's day out today for the first time.
The boy has rarely left my side since I birthed him almost 3 years ago.
That's what brought us to this point and also what makes it difficult.
He will be gone for 5 whole hours!
Makes me a tad uneasy.
But this morning as I heard the teachers praying for the kids before they came out to greet them it gave me peace.
And he did great.
At first he repeatedly said my name and that he wanted to go home.
But when I asked for a hug goodbye he quietly said, "Ok Mommy."
He hugged me and I didn't hear any crying as I walked out.

I kicked myself later for forgetting to plant that hidden camera in the classroom so I could sit at home and watch him all day.
Hi, my name is Angie and I'm enmeshed with my child.

Here he is in his rocket ship shirt he requested to wear to school.
(He's pretty excited about rocket ships these days.)
This weekend I'll be making him a stinkin awesome nap mat and hopefully our rocket ship lunchbox we ordered on eBay will get here.

I can't wait to pick him up and see how the day went.
Did I mention I love this kid?

"School" was a big hit! His teacher said he did great and only told her a few times he was ready to go home. On the way home he told me all about his fun day and got upset when I told him there wasn't school tomorrow.

And for those of you wondering, I was able to do laundry, file our paperwork that had piled up over the past year, feed and play with Mash, eat lunch, and last but certainly not least go to the bathroom in blissful solitude. I think this is gonna be a good thing for both of us!


  1. I love him too! How CUTE is he?!

  2. I can't wait to hear how much fun you had with all your free time! Please tell me you didn't spend the whole 5 hours sobbing in to his baby book...