Monday, November 16, 2009

Somebody's watching me

Last night I had a sweet moment with Mash. I was going through our usual nighttime routine where I lay her down and sit down on the foot stool of the glider and rest my forehead against the crib and watch her through the little slit between the bed rail and the top of the bumper. I only watch for a little bit and then I relax and read my book by the dim light of the night light while she puts herself to sleep. I'm too lazy to just come down stairs because she might lose her pacifier and I would have to use my leg muscles that have been on hiatus for about 6 years to go back up the stairs. So every night I read a few pages in my book, which right now is "Angela's Ashes," until she falls asleep. 
Last night I laid her down and looked down to take my seat. When I got settled and leaned forward to look through my little peep hole this is what I saw:

Her little eyes were watching me back through the little slit. I gasped and then started choking on laughter. I tried so hard to keep it in because I knew she was overtired and was oh so close to falling asleep. But I just couldn't.
And I started giggling.
And then she started giggling.
And then we both lost it.
After the laughter finally died down, she smiled at me with her little chipmunk cheeks for a few minutes and then slowly her eyes started closing and she was peacefully sleeping.

I can't even begin to put into words how much joy this little girl brings me. 


  1. and me!! so so so much joy!! I love her to death!! She's still so beautiful!!!

  2. She looks just like you! :) Such a sweet story.

  3. I love those bright eyes and that sweet smile. What a blessing!