Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Today was one of those bittersweet moments of motherhood. At breakfast, Mash ate solid food for the first time. It may seem small but it feels big.

It's a little whisper in my soul that tells me one day these moments will be distant memories. Moments when I notice she's stopped eating and look down to see she just took a break to smile at me.

Moments when she wakes up for her 5 a.m. feeding and her little arms are cold and she snuggles them against me while I sleep and she eats.

Moments when life with her is pretty simple: cuddle and feed every three hours and watch her smile anytime you look in her direction.

But there's another whisper in my soul that reminds me to focus on the joy it is to watch her grow older rather than regretting it happening. It reminds me to be glad about the future and to count it a privilege to be a part of her life even when it's hard to let go of the good things as they pass.


  1. I love these pics. And your blog is very inspiring. I see myself going through a lot of thesame stuff without your patience! So much of Silas reminds me of Michael too. The pic of him in his way too small highchair - lol. I just finally switched to a booster b/c I saw a pic of Mikey in a HC.