Friday, October 2, 2009

Typical Brian

I got so tickled at Brian last night. He came in out of the rain and started expressing to me his affinity for his green poncho, going on and on about how "it was so cheap but it sure has come in handy!"

I was only half listening until he added how he used to wear it back in grad school when riding his motorcycle in the rain. My imagination flashed to him riding the streets of Stillwater all hunkered down with this poncho flapping around, tripling his width. And I went into a fit of laughter. He tried to explain that he didn't have a raincoat so what was he supposed to do? It's just so Brian.

Here's his motorcycle before and after he fixed it up. Man's got talent eh?

After laughing at the poncho I remembered another funny story about Brian and his motorcycle. One late night he was riding across campus and looked to the right to see some people walking by. While he was taking a gander, the little truck in front of him stopped. He rammed his motorcycle into the bumper of the truck, flew over the handle bars, smacked onto the tailgate, and slid down to the ground. Only Brian.

The group of people he was gandering at all came over to see if he was ok, which only embarrassed him more. But the real cherry on top was that, unbeknownst to Brian, the person driving the truck was a friend of ours, Tyler Hoyt. Tyler walked around his truck and after recognizing the person who had rammed him said, "Brian??? Hi. Um. Are you ok?"

A humiliated Brian came home that night. After going into an extended fit of laughter, I checked out his injuries and the damage to the bike. The next day I got to hear Tyler's version of the story which included him hearing a big grunt and seeing Brian fly onto the tailgate through his rear view mirror. Another fit of laughter followed.

This is my husband. He wears a big green poncho when it rains and gets in lots of accidents and pickles. I'm glad I have him. He frequently gives me deep rich belly laughs. I guess he should get partial credit for my six-pack.

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