Monday, October 15, 2012

What We've Been Up To

We survived a very colicky baby. It only lasted a month, from 3-7 weeks old, but the 12 hours she cried (more like screamed and shrieked) every day nearly did me in. Now she's just fussy in the evenings for about an hour or two, which seems like nothing. I think people that go through this should at least get a t-shirt. Or a little "CB" sticker to put on your back window, like the 26.2 stickers people get when they run a marathon.

My brother got married. They ran off to Vegas and took the plunge. I love these two people.

We went to the state fair. The kids had a blast. The highlights were Big Tex (they sat hypnotized by the "giant cowboy" for quite a while), the pig races, and us getting to play and be silly together.

Kennedy started smiling. She's more serious than the other two were at this age, but she loves for us to talk to her. And man does her sister ever love her. I've never known a child to care this intensely about a baby sibling.

She's declared that Kennedy's nickname shall be Banana Cupcake Darling.  

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  1. oh boo about the colic! not fun - we went through it with L Child. it's horrible. i like your idea about a CB sticker in my car window.

    glad she's doing better and ya'll have had some fun!