Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Time for Trouble

Today was a special afternoon with Silas. It was simple but it was the kind that I treasure.

I found the game Trouble for $3 at the local consignment store while the kids were at school today 
and Silas and I busted it out during Madison's nap.

It was a nail biter but I came out victorious in the end (I'm not the biggest fan of letting my kids win.) 
I did, however, make the loss less painful by doing an awesome victory dance that had him rolling.

After the game we had a snack on the couch and he told me about school 
(in great entertaining detail) and read me a book he made.

That boy's love language is most definitely quality time. 
And it's especially powerful when his competition is napping.

Dimples mean his happy meter is off the charts.

1 comment:

  1. I always cherish one on one time with any of my kids. And know that they love it and will remember it forever, even long after we are gone. That is one thing I have learned from my mom's loss: the memories I have most clearly in my mind are of her spending quality time with me. :)
    Miss you guys, by the way.