Saturday, February 26, 2011

When you wonder what this time was like...

You tickle Madison's tiny little body and Silas' soft skin at least 50 times a day.

You find it nearly impossible to spank your daughter. You know the time will come soon enough.
You play "Dynamite" by Taio really loud and dance like a white girl with the kids.

You try to discipline to teach and not to control.
You lose your temper and you hate it.

You sincerely pray for peace and patience every morning.

You're teaching Mash odd body parts like armpits and eyebrows.

You're teaching Silas addition (if we put in 2 eggs, how many more to make 3?)

Mash says "Ger go" (there you go) and Silas says "Wudsed?" (what you said?)

You look at Brian in the thick of kids melting down and flash him "I love you" in sign language.

Then you give each other "I love you" high fives and like it that you're still dorks.

Other times you get angry and think he should parent more like you. 

For the sake of your family you consider checking into a hotel (or mental hospital) once a month during a certain wonderful week.

You love the attentiveness and budding musicality in Silas.

You see the deep intelligence and affection in your daughter.

You long for silence and it feels like gold when you have it.

You try hard.

It really is hard. 

You have moments when you want to run away.

You seek your Father and he reminds you of who you are.

Brian's feedback after reading this was You should add 
"that's what she said" after the third line from the bottom. 
He gets me.


  1. Angie I LOVE your blog and this post was particularly touching. I miss you!! It's been way too long. Thanks for being one of the many wonderful examples God has put along my path as I continue to wrestle with who I am and who I want to be. I love you.

  2. love the list! thanks for sharing!

    and i love that i'm not the only white chick trying to dance to dynamite