Thursday, February 17, 2011

Home Remedy: Biscuit Can Phobia

One day I took a biscuit can to school for my 7th hour high school cooking class. When I took it out of my backpack I thought it was interesting how swollen and round it was. But I proceeded to peel the wrapper and wait for the thump. The thump never happened.

A biscuit bomb went off in my face.

I never opened a biscuit (cinnamon roll, crescent roll, etc.) can again.

But that all changed one night when I was home alone with the kids and I needed to get dinner started and eat or I was going to bite the head off a kitten in a low blood sugar rage. It was in this desperation that I found freedom from my phobia.

Oven Mitts! 

To this day I put on my mitts and hold the can as far from my face as possible. Like magic the fear subsides and I open my eyes and peel the label like a sane person.

I know someone out there can use this.

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  1. I would be scared of biscuits too if they exploded in my face! Nice to see a picture of you on here by the way. :)