Sunday, April 25, 2010

First Race

Silas competed in his first race on Saturday. We were at a little local festival and Silas was jumping in a bounce house when someone announced it was time for the toddler foot race. I stuck my head in and asked if he wanted to be in a race. He said umm yeam. So I put his shoes on and lined him up. Told him when the man said ready set go to run to Dada real fast. He had it in the bag.

Here's how the starting line looked. He had at least a year on the twin siblings and they weren't wearing shoes.


I stood next to Silas thinking about what prize he was going to get when he won. Then the man told me I needed to go to the finish line with the other parents so he could start the race.

I took my place by Brian and the man said go. I heard the Chariots of Fire song playing as Silas took his first steps. Then the music stopped. Confusion and fear took over the little man. His steps never broke into more than a slow waddle and his bottom lip quivered. He didn't know why everyone was yelling at him and he didn't appreciate it. The barefoot twins ran by the tall strapping boy in tennis shoes with ease. They were already wearing their medals when Silas crossed the finish line exclaiming I don't like to race!

I scooped him up and chuckled relishing in the proud moment, my child having a meltdown, telling the man NO! when he said good job and asked for a high five, and cowering away from the medal like he was being handed a snake.

As we rode home, children asleep in the back seat, we laughed pretty hard when we looked at his medal.

I've since taught him proper race finishing etiquette. Kiss the medal, jump up and down with your arms in the air. He'll do fine next time.  


  1. Sweet boy! You need to keep that medal since there is such a cute story to go with it. :)

  2. Why is it that things never go quite like we imagine them? I laughed so hard I cried, thanks I needed it!

  3. And Twin 2 didn't even have any arms. What's up with that?!?

    (I'll feel really bad if Twin 2 actually had no arms.)

    -Jim of

  4. Ha! I noticed he didn't have arms after I drew that. Twin 2 did in fact have arms.