Monday, April 19, 2010

Family Toes

In Silas' world there are four important people you should know. 
Their names are Frank, Tommy, Frieda, and Willamina.

And let's be clear. These are not just toes. They're his friends. 

When he stubs his toe he doesn't cry in pain, he yells Oh Fwank!! You OK!?!? When he sees my feet he lights up and starts starts chatting with Frieda (she's his favorite). When my feet are under the covers Silas asks Freida and Willamina if they are ok, and whatcha doin' unda dere? When my toenails are painted he says Frieda why you purple?

You better believe I've used this to my advantage. When Willamina asks real nice if he'll eat that spinach, he can't resist. If he doesn't want to wear socks all Tommy has to do is say he's cold.

I love my weird little guy. No clue where he gets it.