Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Favorite Olympic Moment

No, not when the bedazzled and feathered Lysacek won gold in ice skating.
(Although I was thoroughly entertained by the costumes of the ice skating men)
It wasn't when Apolo Ohno won silver because the two Koreans knocked each other over.
And it wasn't when Lindsay Vaughn won gold skiing with a hurt leg.

It was when Brian and I were snuggled under blankets with the kids asleep watching Shaun White win the snowboarding gold.
Brian suddenly said with much conviction:
Man, if I was there I would definitely start the U. S. A. chant!

I found this to be a strange comment coming from my very reserved husband so I turned to look at him and asked, Why, because you would be so excited that Shaun White won?

He said no, followed by silence. 
A man of mystery.

So I took another guess.
Is it because you would be so proud of your country? 
He said No, I just really like it when people do that chant and yell
U.S.A! U.S.A!
If I was there, I would start it. I really like to hear it.

And that was all the explanation I was able to get. 

I found Brian's random love for the U.S.A chant to be pretty amusing.


  1. Some people are patriotic for the USA at large, and some people are patriotic for the USA chant. I guess it's all good! :)

  2. So funny! Ice dancing finals are tonight. I'm sure there will be plenty of goofy costumes to make comments about. Maybe Brian will feel inspired to chant U.S.A.! again?!