Friday, February 5, 2010

Game Time Answer

Hmm. No one really came close. And by the way I'm offended that so many of you think I would write about such disgusting bodily functions. 

So. What's about to happen in this picture? Here's a hint:

Figure it out? Yeah. A big couch pillow is about to make contact - SMACK! - with her face. Compliments of her genteel older brother. We were all playing on the floor when I got lost in the moment and started taking pictures of her. And, you see, whenever I pay attention to her for more than 5.5 seconds, a voice in Silas' head (the one from Mortal Combat) says "FINISH HER!"  He came up from behind me and got her with a sneak attack. I think she was crying out for help with her eyes but I didn't see it.

More evidence that Silas isn't completely on board with this polygamous mother-child arrangement.

Thanks for participating in the game. I guess I'll save the awesome prize for next time. 

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