Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Even Big Bear laughed

It was time for Silas to take a nap so I did the usual routine. I grab his blanket and pacifier and say, "I'm gonna go play with Big Bear," and start walking up the stairs. This is usually followed by a squeal and the little pitter patter of a two year old following close behind me, excited to play with one of his good friends.
Only today was different. There was no pitter patter, only a "bye bye mama." I thought this was unusual but I continued on and knew I had to up my game. From the top of the stairs I said "pssssss" which always gets his attention. All I heard was a little giggle of acknowledgment. Still no 2 year old running up the stairs. So I decided to bring out the big guns. I go and drag Big Bear over to the top of the stairs and say, "psssssssss!!!"

Once he saw him, he couldn't resist. He runs up the stairs and rounds the corner saying, "Big Bear! What a doin'?" In my deep Big Bear voice I say, "Oh nothin', what are you doin' Silas?" And in a voice that sounds like the little Italian Luigi off of Mario World he yells, "I'm a makin' a doo doo!"

And I watch as he waddles down the hall to finish the job. 

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  1. This is pretty much hilarious. Your kids are wonderful Angie!