Sunday, January 15, 2012

Movie Fail

The other night I was burdened that Brian needed rest. He'd been working overtime and I suggested that we all watch a movie together instead of the normal routine of him playing with the kids for hours.

I scrolled through the recordings and found "Soul Surfer." Perfect! A safe family film with waves and surfing to keep the kids interested and it might actually be entertaining for Brian and I.

Look how heartwarming. 

We all got good and invested. Madison laid on my lap and Silas snuggled with Daddy.
Angie, your ideas are awesome.

Then a great white shark came out of the water and bit the girls arm off.

The bloody stump gushed everywhere.

People were hysterical and screaming.

My eyes got huge and I looked at Brian. I didn't realize this was part of the plot line. I couldn't see Madison's face but Silas was just sitting there looking stoic. Maybe they didn't notice the shark after all. Whew.

Then after about a minute we heard Madison's squeaky little voice,
  "Why dat whale bite dat guls ahm off!!??"

And the questions started coming like machine gun fire.

Silas: Mommy, is that girl gonna die?
Are there sharks in water?
Why do sharks want to eat us?
Is her arm still in the shark's belly?
What's going to happen to her arm in his belly?
Is the arm still in his belly?
Do sharks like the way we taste?
Is her arm still in his belly?
Does that shark have an arm in it's belly?
What's the arm doing in the shark's belly?

Madison: Why dat whale bite dat guls ahm off!!??
But why?
But why he want to eat huh?
But why?
Why dat whale bite dat guls ahm off?

Silas: I want to see that arm.
Is the arm in the shark's belly?
Does the shark like the taste of that arm?

You get the idea.

The movie wasn't much fun after that. We were lucky to get through 5 minutes of movie before the questions started up again.

I couldn't blame them though. That can't be easy to process.


  1. Angie... lol the "plot line" of soul surfer is the real life story that happened and was all over the news a few years ago... this cracks me up that you didn't know her arm was going to get bitten off!!! ohhhh I'm sorry!!!

  2. i'm seriously laughing my head off. thanks for sharing.
    p.s. sorry your kids learned about animals eating people that way. I'll share my story when my kid realizes that too. then you can laugh at me.

  3. Hahaha! I can just hear this conversation. Too funny!