Thursday, October 27, 2011


If my future self were to look back at the fall of 2011, this is what I would see:

First of all, me not having a desktop which means difficult access to pictures which means very infrequent blogging. This saddens me.

The four of us living with an awesome couple from our church (Bob n Chells as Madison refers to them). It's been great for us, actually a huge blessing, but sometimes I wonder what they're thinking when Silas throws his 18th fit during dinner or I have to text Chells to let her know Silas vomited and didn't make it into the throw-up bowl (see below). We're nearing our third month of waiting for our short sale to close. It will be at least another month. Me no likey short sales.

The four of us passing around sickness for the past two months. At the moment I am freshly over strep, Silas is miserable with a stomach bug, Madison's just done with her stomach bug and Brian is fighting a cold.

Our family driving around in our new minivan. It's pretty sweet. Silas thinks it's the coolest thing since sliced bread. We said goodbye to Grease Lightening and the Geo.

My extended family taking a great camping trip which involved canoeing, a train ride, bike riding, and being surrounded by beautiful nature.

Brian enduring the most stressful stretch of work his job has given him yet.

Me discovering Pinterest. Scary.

Me and Silas having special days every Monday. Mash goes to school and Silas doesn't. I only have one more year with him all to myself so I'm squeezing all the goodness out of it I can. We love our special days.

Madison talking up a storm. Especially about elephant butts. More on that later.

Silas wanting to know everything possible about nutrition. He can tell you the protein, carb, vitamin, and fiber content of most foods.

Madison and Silas wanting to ride bikes 24 hours a day.

Me being reminded about who and what I live my life for. I'm learning on a deeper level that it's not things. And it's not a house.


  1. as always, thanks for sharing : )

    can't wait for the elephant butt story.

  2. Congrats on selling and buying your house! Also, even more congratulations on the minivan!!! When I got mine it changed my life-silly I know. Hope you guys feel better. So far, we have been sick-free. Finally, it's bout time with a new entry!