Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Program

Silas has a beautiful singing voice. From a remarkably young age he has been able to sing on pitch and keep great rhythm. The only problem is that he can be shy about singing in front of people. I know he's only three but I'm afraid of him developing the phobia I have about people hearing me sing. I have a decent voice but the only person I've ever sang in front of for real has been the safest person on earth, my husband, who doesn't have a critical morsel in his body and isn't capable of giving false praise. But I hate that I have such a hard time letting loose and just singing!

So as this year's Christmas program approached, I developed a plan. We practiced his songs and I talked to him about how it's good and courageous to sing loud so people can hear your beautiful voice. Then came the bribe or what I like to think of as "encouragement." I told him if he was brave enough to sing quietly we would LOVE hearing his voice and he would get a piece of candy. And if he was brave enough to sing loud for everyone to hear he would get candy and a new hot wheels car.

I'm on the fence about this parenting tactic but I wanted to give him a push to get him over the fear.

I ended up getting a little more than I bargained for.


  1. OMG, too cute! He must really like hot wheels!!!

  2. Precious! Question: Do all those kids have Parkinson's? :-)

    I had a lovely voice as a child, until one summer, when my 'grapes' dropped, and my voice followed suit. What's the connection with a boys voice and his 'grapes' dropping? Weird adaptation if you ask me.