Friday, November 26, 2010

Things I Learned in California: Lesson 2

Beaches are therapeutic.
We went straight from the airport to this beautiful place.

At first I was still in fluttering mode. I followed the kids around snapping pictures, pointing things out and asking questions.

But soon the beach got to me. The feel of the sand, splash of water on my feet, sound of waves crashing, the warmth and shimmer of sunlight.

I started to breathe deeper. I relaxed. I played.

Frisbee with Brian and "Find the Buried Treasure" with Silas.

Belly laughs when Madison suddenly ran full speed into the water only to face-plant and roll like a log in the wet sand.

I think there are places on this earth where our creator was especially creative. I feel the most content in these places. They touch a place in the soul seldom reached by the suburbs of Dallas.


  1. The picture of you is GORGEOUS!

    Also, I really want a copy of the last picture of Mash and Silas!!!

  2. Amazing photos. Really. I love the pic of you and the kids-- you look so pretty!

  3. Some of your posts make me well up with tears. Thank you.