Thursday, July 15, 2010

Brian's First Act as a Father


One time I was giving birth to a big baby. Doctors and nurses were going crazy "making incisions" (aka necessary mutilation) to allow for the girth of his head. Then a nurse remembered that I wanted to watch the birth in a mirror so she started wheeling it toward the bed. Then my quiet gentle husband who hadn't uttered a word all day stood up and said in a deep stern voice, She's not using the mirror. Oh, umm, Brian, yes I am. Remember, it's part of our birth plan? No, put the mirror back, she's not using it. And he pointed for the nurse to put it back where she got it from. Then he calmly walked back to his station beside me.

Knowing Brian like I do, it must have been a pretty bad scene.

But we all made it through. And thanks to Brian I have no scarring mental images in my head except being handed a cottage cheesy baby that I secretly didn't want to touch.

Let's talk about that before we go. On the video you can see me pretending to pat him without actually touching him. More like an air pat. I cried and was overwhelmed with love for him but really didn't want to touch him. Before Mash was born I did some self talk: Angie, she'll be gross just like Silas but you are prepared this time and you'll hold her with wild abandon. Nope. She got the air pat too. Something about hugging a ball of goo.

I'll pay for their therapy when they grow up.

Brian wants me to add: 
The monetary promises made on this blog are not binding agreements 
and are for entertainment purposes only.


  1. oh angie u make me laugh! way to go brian - what a great husband/daddy!
    how big was silas? case was 9.1 and had a huge head too; liam was a bit smaller but my recovery was still awhile. i feel for ya!

  2. He was 9.6. Mash was 7.7 so it was much easier with her. Yeah recovery with a big headed baby is no fun!

  3. I commend you, my dear friend. You and Nikki birthed some big ole' babies and I will forever be in awe. :)